Model SS — Safety Stop Control


The Model SS is a heavy-duty safety control ("stop switch") that provides a positive shutoff of dangerous equipment in an emergency. A cable pulled by endangered personnel actuates the control. The output contacts of the Model SS-2 can control up to two separate circuits – one for machinery shutdown and one for an alarm.


Safety-minded operators of conveyors, production lines, elevator equipment, assembly lines, material handling systems, cranes, and more consider it a must for employee protection. Most states have safety statutes that require these switches on conveyors and related equipment. American National Standard Institute recommends their use in ANSI standard No. ASME B20.1-2012-5.11.

  • The housing is cast aluminum, with optional epoxy or polyester coatings available (for additional corrosion resistance).
  • The unit is actuated by a cable pulled from either direction on every SS unit; in other words, the unit is "double-ended". However, the model SS will also work with cable on a single side when installed as a "single-ended" unit.
  • The unit is mounted with three (3) 3/8" bolts on the conveyor by drilling (3) 13/32" diameter holes. Please see installation instructions linked below.
  • General purpose (weather-proof) units have (3) 3/4" NPT conduit openings.
  • Explosion-proof units have (3) 3/4" NPT conduit openings. Conduit plugs included.
  • The standard units have dry, unpowered SP/DT microswitch(es) rated for 20A @ 120 VAC, 240VAC, and 480 VAC; 1/2 amp at 125 VDC, and 1/4 amp at 250 VDC.
  • The DP/DT microswitch versions are rated for 15A @ 120 VAC, 240VAC; 3/4 HP at 125 VAC, 1-1/2 HP at 250 VAC.
  • Refer to the Instrument Data Sheets for operating temperature.
  • The general purpose units are rated NEMA 4/4X weather-proof and corrosion-resistant. Explosion-proof units are rated NEMA 7/9 for dust ignition-proof and vapor explosion-proof. The dual-rated "D" units are rated NEMA 4 weather-proof and NEMA 9 dust ignition-proof.
  • The general-purpose controls are IP65 compliant.
  • Most models are UL listed and CSA certified.


*Prices subject to change without notice.

ModelDescriptionShipping Weight (lbs.)Price
SS-1General Purpose, 1 SP/DT Switch13$328.00
SS-2General Purpose, 2 SP/DT Switches13$348.00
SS-2LGeneral Purpose, 2 SP/DT (with Light)13$397.00
SS-1XExplosion Proof, 1 SP/DT Switch13$456.00
SS-2XExplosion Proof, 2 SP/DT Switches13$476.00

Epoxy coating, add $12.00, add "E" to end of model number.


PART NUMBERDescriptionShipping WeightPrice
SS-25Vinyl Coated Cable,per foot,3/32" - 3/16" OD32 lb./1000 ft.$0.46/ft.
SS-26Nylon Coated Cable,per foot,3/32" - 3/16 OD32 lb./1000 ft.$0.84/ft.
RS-23Threadless Cable Support Eyebolt, 5/16" x 9", plated, (no hardware required).1/2 lb.$1.77
SS-27Cable Support Eyebolt, 1/2" x 6" zinc plated, with (2) hex nuts (1) L.W.1/2 lb.$1.77
SS-28Cable End Fitting (zinc plated)1 oz.$0.60
SS-293/4" NPT Conduit Plug1 oz.$1.14
SS-30Mounting Bracket4-1/2 lbs.$28.39